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The Rebu concept is a total service which consist of collecting your emptied FIBCs at end user’s premises, after which the FIBCs, after cleaning, inspection and if necessary repair, will be returned to you. Our expanded transport network covers nearly the total of Europe and guarantees a frequent collection of your FIBCs. To minimize the costs of transport we offer your end user free advice, such as training of personnel and correct usage of our palletizing system used to collect your empty FIBCs. Refurbishing, inspection and, if necessary, replacement of document pockets and/or closures takes place in our production facility in Moerdijk, The Netherlands. Of course our production facility meets the highest demands with respect to safety ( amongst other things ATEX, Explosion protection system), environment (no pollution) and labour conditions. Waste, following  the reconditioning process, is removed in a sustainable way via official authorities. This working-method guarantees a safe and sustainable reuse of your packaging material. The total process will be analyzed by Rebu and reported to you on a frequent basis.In addition to this, we can offer you, through our close cooperation with ,  a closed loop system with which we can support you in managing your total FIBC stock.

Your benefits:

  • Sustainable
  • Reuse of packaging material
  • Decrease your packaging costs
  • Decrease your packaging waste
  • Extra service for your customers
  • High quality of reconditioning process guarantees safe reuse of FIBCs
  • Quick delivery times

Benefits End user:

  • No costs for waste removal
  • No collection costs
  • Minimum of storage capacity needed because of frequent collections
  • Palletizing system on loan
  • Training of personnel use of palletizing system for free